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Jan 2TV time
Jan 4One of those Days
Jan 7Weighty Advice
Jan 9Oranges
Jan 11The Dream Job
Jan 11Tumblr Question #1
Jan 14Disclaimer
Jan 14Tumblr Question #4
Jan 16Required Reading
Jan 16Tumblr Question #5
Jan 18Mini Hockey League
Jan 21The Project
Jan 21Tumblr Question #6
Jan 21Tumblr Question #7
Jan 23Artist’s Block
Jan 25Doomed
Jan 28Guest Comic for Girls with Slingshots
Jan 30Connor’s Job
Feb 1One Look
Feb 4Chicken
Feb 6Help
Feb 8His Idea
Feb 8Canada’s Really Snowy
Feb 11The Result
Feb 13The Painting
Feb 15The Day After
Feb 18Something Disturbing
Feb 186 Tips to Help After Break-Ups
Feb 20Gluten-Free Bananas
Feb 20The Transition Between Childhood and Adulthood
Feb 20Waiting at the Station
Feb 22His Mom
Feb 22Anime and I
Feb 22Tumblr Question #14
Feb 22Tumblr Question #15
Feb 25A New Project
Feb 27Obviously
Mar 1They’re Lucky
Mar 4Gluten-Free part 2
Mar 6Love is not a Substitute for Medication
Mar 8The Dark Room Stories 1
Mar 11Ashley
Mar 13Who She’s Dating
Mar 15She Had That Option
Mar 18Appearances
Mar 18How I Feel About People Asking About Feminism
Mar 20Her Schtick
Mar 22Double Date
Mar 25Avoiding the Question
Mar 27Him
Mar 29Too Awesome
Apr 1Stubbornness
Apr 3Angry Take-Out People
Apr 3Tumblr Question #21
Apr 3Tumblr Question #22
Apr 3Tumblr Question #23
Apr 3Tumblr Question #24
Apr 3Tumblr Question #25
Apr 5Forever and a Day
Apr 8Threesome Questions
Apr 10Stupid
Apr 12You Never Know
Apr 15Gluten-Free part 3
Apr 17The Rabbit
Apr 19The Break-Up Equation
Apr 22The 90’s Music
Apr 24Aliens
Apr 26Ahh…
Apr 26Tumblr Question #31
Apr 26Tumblr Question #32
Apr 26Tumblr Question #33
Apr 26Tumblr Question #34
Apr 26Tumblr Question #35
Apr 29Finishing that Sentence
May 1Please Help Me!
May 3Alcohol Solves Nothing
May 6Bunny!
May 8Rodney Dangerbunny
May 10Free Coffee…Wait…
May 13Best Friend
May 15Just Joking
May 17It Was Him
May 20Friend-Zoning Power
May 22Sunglasses
May 24Free Advice for Friends
May 27The Adventures of Rodney Dangerbunny Part 1
May 29Stalker
May 31Unanswered Questions
Jun 3He Doesn’t Drink Coffee
Jun 5The Adventures of Rodney Dangerbunny Part 2
Jun 7Batbun
Jun 10Sick
Jun 12The Adventures of Rodney Dangerbunny Part 3
Jun 14TMZ
Jun 17Mind Reading
Jun 19Twi-died
Jun 21The Goold Ol’ Days
Jun 24The Adventures of Rodney Dangerbunny Part 4
Jun 26Dreaming 1
Jun 28Dreaming 2
Jul 1Happy Canada Day!
Jul 3Dreaming 3
Jul 5Waking Up
Jul 8New Anime Routine
Jul 10Stuck Toilet
Jul 12Stuck Toilet 2
Jul 15Winnie’s Camera
Jul 17Rabbit Feng Shui
Jul 19Listening
Jul 22Oh Michelle…
Jul 24Not Laughing
Jul 26What She’s Looking For
Jul 29All the Bets
Jul 31Waldo
Aug 2More Random Questions
Aug 5Low Funds
Aug 7Income Talk
Aug 9Not So Quiet
Aug 12Surprise Clients
Aug 14First Responses
Aug 16Ready for Work
Aug 19Giant Game Master in the Sky
Aug 21Figure Drawing
Aug 23Child Photographer
Aug 26Bill’s Job
Aug 28Distractions
Aug 30Two Weeks Later
Sep 2Gluten-Free Jesus
Sep 4Back to School
Sep 6Avoiding the Question
Sep 9Quotes
Sep 11Sungla- Oh wait…
Sep 13Random Guitar Music
Sep 16Pliers
Sep 18Reason for the Guitar
Sep 20Looking Back
Sep 23The Tyler Fan Club
Sep 25Fur
Sep 27Flying Fur
Sep 30Flying Fur part 2
Oct 2Kissing Advice
Oct 4Instant Noodles
Oct 7Shepard
Oct 9Retro Questions
Oct 11Dub Step Gun
Oct 16Too Many Things At Once
Oct 18She Called
Oct 21F.N.T.
Oct 23Lol his face
Oct 25Soap Opera-like
Oct 28Embarrassment
Oct 30Kiss on the Head
Oct 30Lord of the Rings, and How it Affected My Life
Nov 1He’s Adorable
Nov 1Dungeons and Dragons Stories #1: Starbuks
Nov 4Shoulda Kissed Her
Nov 6Why is this News?
Nov 8Just A Game
Nov 11Lest We Forget
Nov 13Breaking Batman
Nov 15Breaking Batbun
Nov 18The Dungeons and Dragons Game 1
Nov 20The Dungeons and Dragons Game 2
Nov 22RP Experience
Nov 25The Dungeons and Dragons Game 3
Nov 27Without Trying
Nov 29Connor’s Reason
Dec 2Those Emails
Dec 4Wait, He wasn’t Joking?
Dec 6Yes, Why Didn’t You?
Dec 9Those Emails Con’t
Dec 11QTV: Am I Ready to Move On?
Dec 13QTV: How to Get a Second Date
Dec 16More Emails
Dec 18Last Email for This Month
Dec 20Bathroom Pizza
Dec 23Power Outage
Dec 25Merry Christmas 2013!
Dec 27Post Christmas 2013
Dec 30Last Thoughts for 2013