Hey guys.

I need a new computer, but I’m low on funds to actually buy one.  So instead, I made a donation pool.  You guys can donate any amount that you want.  There are perks.

If you guys donate $1, I’ll put your name under the “Sponsored By” tab on the website.  Because without a computer, there’s no site.
If you donate $10, I’ll draw you a fully coloured headshot print of up to 2 characters.  They can be any character, as long as the picture remains safe for work.  No pornography will be drawn here my friends.  You’re just gonna have to go to 4chan for that.
If you donate $30, you can ask a question, ANY question, and it will automatically be queued for the next comic.  Mind you, storyline comics take priority, but the next comic after the storyline is done will be your questions.  You just have to email them to me after I see that money has been donated.
If you donate $50 or more, you get a signed copy of an original draft of a comic strip.  These are going to be photocopies, so just in case someone else wants the same strip, it’s available.
And the best part is, the more money you donate, the more perks you get.  So if you donate $50, not only do you get the signed copy of the draft, but you also get a question in the comic, a original print, AND your name goes on the website!

And even if you can’t donate, that’s ok.  Just send out the word to as many people as you can so at least it’s known.

If you want to donate, please click on the link here: Donation Pool

Also, check out the video I made to go along with this campaign! Video