Everyone has one of those stories where you never forget them. Ever. This is one of them.

The dungeon that we started off with was fighting against the undead in a forest.  We, being my brother, my friends Martin and Kevin and I, had changed characters.  This is also where my brother’s character, another gnome, gained the nickname Samwise the Crotchless.  We were fighting against a wyvern, and after killing it, Samwise got stuck under it.  We were pulling him out, but the wolf companion we had with us wanted to help and grabbed the only thing left available.

At any rate, by the end of that dungeon Kevin’s character had been turned into a wight, which means that a regular raise dead spell wouldn’t bring him back.  At which point none of us were high enough level to actually raise him back from being a wight.  So my father, being the DM at the time, made an adventure where the other characters from that party went to my character Jacques, a cleric of Zeus, at the tavern that he owns to see if he knew anything on how to bring Kevin’s character back.  All that Jacques knew was that a wish spell would bring him back.  But he didn’t have that spell, since he wasn’t high enough level.  So we heard of a rumour from a beggar in front of the tavern that the hall of wishes was somewhere around these parts, and it had a guardian.  A guardian that was so vicious and deadly that no one dared to look for the hall of wishes.

And once Jacques turned back to ask the beggar how he knew of this, the beggar was gone, and an old woman was walking up to the tavern saying that she would sell him a ring of direction on how to get to the hall of wishes.  Well of course everyone noticing how the old man had disappeared, and how this old woman was talking about the hall of wishes suddenly, this tipped us off, and we gave chase.  And it turns out that this old woman was no woman at all.  But…



So we gave chase, Jacques firing spells at it, and all the other party members giving chase.  Jacques summoned a celestial bear to try and trap the leprechaun down an alley, but the leprechaun cast a spell that made the bear dance, and for some strange reason circus music was playing in the background.  And the leprechaun got away.

At which point, this shit was on.  We went back to the tavern to suit up, but the leprechaun had beaten us there, back as the beggar sitting in front of the tavern.  We gave chase again, trying again and again to catch that motherfucker cuz he was the only one who knew where the hall of wishes was.  Jacques cast an anti-magic field around him, but he got around that, and somehow, SOMEHOW he managed to slip away from us again.

I’m not sure how we did it, but we found the cave where the leprechaun was hiding in, and then he polymorphed into a stone giant.  The giant furniture was also attacking us.  We were fighting him, and fighting him, and Jacques had run out of offensive spells.  We were all exhausted from chasing after the damn leprechaun that we didn’t have anything left to fight him.  At this point, my brother’s character said SCREW IT, and grappled the giant’s leg.

So yes, we had won.  We caught the leprechaun.  And because of that, we get one wish.  So did we wish to be lead to the hall of wishes?

Well you see, Martin was one of those…intellectual types.  Meaning he knew that whatever we said, the leprechaun could take it in a completely different way and screw us over.  And because it was my dad as the DM, my brother and I knew that he would totally do that.

So what did we do?

We spent 4 HOURS in REAL TIME writing up a contract for the leprechaun to follow, stating that he would lead us to the hall of wishes, without any trickery, and he wouldn’t fight against anyone who wasn’t evil.  And for some reason that he would be bound to Jacques so that way we always had a way to find the hall of wishes.

Well, what happens next is, by far, the second worst part of the adventure.

A group of brigands who knew that we were looking for the hall of wishes pops up, after hearing everything that we did, decides to take advantage of the fact that we’re all bloodied, and kidnap Jacques so that way they would have control over the leprechaun.

And because they were technically all True Neutral, the leprechaun couldn’t help us fight them.

We eventually beat them, but Martin’s character gets stuck in a mirror, and we ask the leprechaun to get him out.  The leprechaun agrees, but in exchange, he has his own contract that he wants us to abide by.  Essentially the contract read that the first contract is null and void, and that we would have 30 minutes to get to the hall of wishes and leave, or else he would have free reign to torment us again.

We agree and then hoof it to the hall of wishes, which happens to be in his closet.

So we finally make it to the hall of wishes.  And what do we do?

Well, remember when I said that the brigands coming in was the second worst part?  This was the worst part.  Martin, once again using his intellectual brain here, goes “Why don’t I just bind myself to the hall of wishes so that way we have unlimited wishes??”

And this is pretty much the moral of the story: don’t get greedy with wishes.  It is always a bad idea. Mind you, we were still pretty young at this point, but we learned this lesson quickly.

So instead of wishing for our comrade to be alive again, and not a wight, Martin’s character binds himself to the hall of wishes.  In which he becomes a statue in the hall of wishes.

And then the hall of wishes starts to disappear.

Jacques, being the only one who has brains at this point, jumps out of the hall of wishes, while my brother and Kevin’s characters stay behind so that they may be able to travel with the hall of wishes to it’s next destination.

They did not.

They went to the Plane of Limbo, and got stuck there.

We eventually got them out, but with an entirely new party.  And that’s really a story for another time.

There’s one thing to say about my dad’s home made dungeons; you never really forget them.