Violet coloured

Violet – An aspiring artist who always ends up listening to other people’s problems and giving advice


Tyler coloured

Tyler – One of Violet’s friends.  He works at a coffee shop despite the fact he hates the taste of coffee


Michelle coloured

Michelle – That one ditzy girl in everyone’s group of friends


Bill coloured

Bill – One of Violet’s roommates.  He’s studying to be a pilot.  He’s in a relationship with Dee


Dee coloured

Dee – Violet’s other roommate.  She wants to be a teacher.  She’s in a relationship with Bill


Connor coloured

Connor – Violet’s estranged friend.  He doesn’t tell anyone about his job, only that it’s “classified”


Winnie coloured

Winnie – One of Violet’s classmates.  His real name is Winchester.


Ashley coloured

Ashley – Violet’s childhood friend.  Currently dating Michelle.



Rodney Dangerbunny – Violet’s pet rabbit.