I know it’s really difficult for people to be in relationships, and it’s really hard to break up with people.  I think the show Friends made the whole “taking a break” from the relationship made it the easy way out for dealing with problems.

And ironically, it was Friends that made me think that taking a break doesn’t work.

In the show, Ross and Rachel decide to take a break because they have a huge fight over how Rachel never makes time for Ross and how Ross doesn’t really support her choices in trying to pursue her own goals.  Then afterwards, Ross, being really depressed, sleeps with another woman.  And Rachel finds out.  They break up because she can’t trust him anymore.

I also grew up with my mom, who always told me that if we have to take a break, then it’s probably not going to work anyway.

These things kind of made me think that if I’m in a relationship, it should be all or nothing.  It’s hard, yes, but every time someone brings up “maybe you should take a break from him”, I always say that if we have to take a break, then it’s not going to solve anything other than making me feel worse over time.

And it’s kind of true.  Yeah, I would get back together to guys I had already dated, but it would be probably months after I dated them, or after I dated another guy in between.  And at that point, they would have changed somewhat.  With a break, you don’t really change, you just have a time where both people are stewing in their own problems and not solving anything.

I still say that communication is the best way to solve problems in a relationship, as apposed to just taking a break.

I dunno, that’s just my opinion.