And that’s it.

That’s the end.

I…have a lot of feelings right now, but the most I have is gratitude.  Gratitude for my family who’s been nothing but supportive of this endeavor, for my wonderful fiance who helped me make this comic even through my darkest of days, and for all of you, who stuck through it all to see this to the end.

Thank you everyone for coming with me on this journey.  You’ve been with me through all of my dark times, through my happy times, and even all the little bits in between.  I learned a lot, about comic making and about myself, and I wouldn’t trade any of this for the world.

I’m not through with making comics yet.  I am going to start a new comic soon (although exactly when I’m not sure).  If you want to keep updated about the new project I’ll be doing, follow me on Twitter, or on the Let’s Ask Violet Facebook for any announcements.  I will put up a post here when I’m ready to promote the new comic.

But for now, I will rest.  Thank you again.