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Jan 1Happy New Year 2014!!
Jan 3First Question of the Year
Jan 6Plastic Surgery
Jan 8Morton and Rei
Jan 10Need a Bat
Jan 13Cannibalism
Jan 15The Return of the Oranges
Jan 17Dangerbunny Meets the Kids
Jan 20So Obvious
Jan 22He’s Right You Know
Jan 24Yes, He’s Six
Jan 27Time to Go Home
Jan 27My Thoughts on Suicide
Jan 29She’s Embarrased
Jan 31She Beat Him to It
Feb 3It’s a Date
Feb 5Yes, it’s Happening
Feb 7Operation: Destroy Date
Feb 10Yes Date?
Feb 12Rooftop Connor
Feb 14Happy Valentines Day!
Feb 17Tyler’s Week
Feb 19Panicking
Mar 3Making Him More Nervous
Mar 5Waiting in the Wings
Mar 7Charge!!
Mar 10Saviors
Mar 12Numbness
Mar 14First Kiss
Mar 17Qsy and Acchan’s Guest Comic March 2014
Mar 19Catmaniac8x’s Guest comic March 2014
Mar 21Illus-luvs-Pocky’s Guest Comic March 2014
Mar 24Energy Advice
Mar 26Return of the Emails
Mar 28Queen
Mar 31Communication is Important
Apr 2How to Deal With Being Overwhelmed
Apr 4Bunny Butt
Apr 7To Be Continued
Apr 9The Adventures of Rodney Dangerbunny Continue
Apr 11Great Kisser
Apr 14What If
Apr 16The Only Time To Prove Her Wrong
Apr 18Orchids
Apr 23Do No Wrong
Apr 25Means Yes
Apr 28Freddie Mercury the Orchid
Apr 30Safe
May 2A Friend
May 5T-Shirts
May 7Lazy Nap
May 9Watching You
May 14No Question
May 16Comics and Stuff
May 19Sailor Freddie Mercury
May 21Filters
May 23SideKicks
May 26Alignment
May 28Staring Contest
May 30Saying Hi
Jun 2Final Project 1
Jun 4Final Project 2
Jun 6Final Project 3
Jun 11Missed Birthday
Jun 13Nice Guy Tyler
Jun 16Bullying
Jun 23Woo’d
Jun 25What Does the Fox Say
Jun 27TV Time
Jun 30Sad to Creepy
Jul 2Happy (belated) Canada Day!!
Jul 4Watching Soap Operas
Jul 7More D&D Questions
Jul 9World of Wonderful Things
Jul 11Potato Salad
Jul 14Funny Guys
Jul 16Not Feminism
Jul 18Broken Promises
Jul 21Talking with Exs
Jul 23Robocop’s Detroit
Jul 25Vultures
Jul 28Gluten Free Lapdances
Jul 30More Celebrity News
Aug 1Lord of the Boxing Ring
Aug 4Leprechaun Pig Riding
Aug 6Livin’ on a Prayer
Aug 8The Red Rooster
Aug 11Karaoke Night
Aug 13She Is Love
Aug 15A Month
Aug 180 for 2
Aug 20There It Is
Aug 22Flirting with Oblivious
Aug 25Alien Glow Sticks
Aug 27More TMZ shitck
Aug 29Boyfriend Leash
Sep 1Brooding Batbun
Sep 3Mysterious Pigeon and Ninja Duck
Sep 5The City In Danger
Sep 8Artistic Dick Pics
Sep 10Net Neutrality
Sep 12The Last Straw
Sep 15No Sponsorship
Sep 17The Tutor
Sep 19Brilliance
Sep 22New Identity
Sep 26Orange Montage
Sep 29Gluten Free Oranges
Oct 1The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For
Oct 3The Thrilling Conclusion
Oct 6Where Big Mike Went
Oct 8Fedoras
Oct 10Baby in the Car
Oct 15Everything is a Dream
Oct 17Maybe Gay
Oct 20Strippin’
Oct 22Forced Gay? Not Likely
Oct 24Boob Therapy
Oct 27Movie Plot Madness
Oct 29Breaking Bras
Oct 31Happy Halloween 2014
Nov 3Abducting Aliens
Nov 5Happy Anniversary Year 3
Nov 7Gender Question
Nov 10Bun in the Oven
Nov 12Facebook Likes
Nov 14Human Resources
Nov 17Only One Cheesecake
Nov 19Fat Art
Nov 21Mother Said
Nov 24Badly Frozen
Nov 26A Text No One Expected
Nov 28Realization
Dec 1Forgetting Something Important
Dec 3Big Trouble in ChinaTown
Dec 5Malcolm Returns
Dec 8Violet Appears
Dec 10Timing!
Dec 12Not the Face
Dec 15Nice Guy Malcolm
Dec 17In His Defence
Dec 19Wait a Minute