Oh Tyler, your nice guy antics make everything more difficult for Violet.

By the way guys, next week I’m taking the week off from posting comics, mostly because with what’s currently going on in my life, I’m a little burnt out.  I could really use the week to catch up on work without having to worry about posting a comic.  I figured it’d be a good week to do it, since it’s the Father’s Day weekend, and I’d be losing a post for a comic anyway.  The week after I’ll be right back with new comics for all of you though!  So I hope you guys can understand.

Also, for those of you who want to see new stuff, if you come back during next week, you can see pictures of Rodney shenanigans!  I figured it’d be better than just leaving a week old comic up, and on top of that Rodney can be shown to his adoring fans!

Hopefully you guys have a good weekend!

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