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Jan 3Wibblies
Jan 6Wet Wibblies
Jan 10Icarus
Jan 13Emergency Chocolate
Jan 17Staring at the Ceiling
Jan 20Social Media
Jan 24Mr. Sunshine
Jan 27Hard No
Jan 31There She Goes
Feb 3She’s Enjoying Herself
Feb 7High Surcharges
Feb 10Sign Up
Feb 14Felt Bad
Feb 17Peter
Feb 21Fifteen Years
Feb 24Yoink
Feb 28Duly Noted
Mar 3Floor It
Mar 7Doesn’t Matter
Mar 10Doing Great
Mar 14I Ain’t ‘Fraid o’ no Ghost
Mar 17Vengeance
Mar 21Upriver
Mar 24The Wizard
Mar 28Smokey
Mar 31Running Behind
Apr 4End of the Adventure
Apr 7Point Stands
Apr 11Recently
Apr 14He’s Single
Apr 18Blowing Out of Proportion
Apr 21Dealing With This Now
Apr 25In His Name
Apr 28Doesn’t Deserve It
May 2A Moment for the Fallen
May 5Nope
May 9Whatever You Want
May 12A Need
May 16Deflecting
May 19Functional Adult
May 23In Her Defense
May 26Archived
May 30Blush
Jun 2She Replied
Jun 6Overreacting
Jun 9No Idea
Jun 13Forsaken
Jun 16Pig Theft
Jun 20From Women
Jun 23Embarrassed
Jun 27Surprised
Jun 30Well…
Jul 4Uh Oh
Jul 7A Whole Chicken
Jul 11Ah
Jul 14Out
Jul 18Promise
Jul 21Hot Date
Jul 25Good To Know
Jul 28Good Person
Aug 1Certified
Aug 4Latex
Aug 8Not Answering
Aug 11Blame Yourself
Aug 15The Return of Craig
Aug 18Bandages
Aug 22Angry
Aug 25Seen His Face
Aug 29Come Closer
Sep 1Second Attack
Sep 5Foot Puns
Sep 8Blame
Sep 12Furious
Sep 15Why
Sep 19Cute
Sep 22Not His Type
Sep 26Warehouse Racism
Sep 29Cab
Oct 3Thank You
Oct 6Not Meant to Be
Oct 13At Least
Oct 17Summer
Oct 20Weak
Oct 24Work for It
Oct 27Sorry
Oct 31Prepared
Nov 3Not New
Nov 7Sure
Nov 10Air Pressure
Nov 14Can Do That
Nov 17Badgers
Nov 21Masked Rider
Nov 24That One
Nov 28Eventually
Dec 1Ordinary People
Dec 5Half
Dec 8Heel Kick
Dec 12Workplace Clothes
Dec 15GMOs
Dec 19Surgery
Dec 22Merry Christmas 2017!