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Jan 12Batbun Returns
Jan 16Our Protector
Jan 19A Shadow in the Night
Jan 23Not Official Yet
Jan 26A Foe Returns
Jan 30Focus
Feb 2Baff
Feb 6Hate You Most
Feb 9Daring Escape
Feb 13Secret
Feb 16Listening to Him
Feb 20What Bag?
Feb 23Peeping
Feb 27Insane
Mar 2Molepeople
Mar 6Bamboozled
Mar 9Flashbacks
Mar 13Needlessly Complicated
Mar 16Didn’t Know Better
Mar 20Not Exactly
Mar 23Hopeless Babies
Mar 27No Comic This Week
Apr 10Fair Enough
Apr 13Pretty Terminal
Apr 17Doing Great
Apr 20Too Much
Apr 24Not Small
Apr 27Spotted
May 4Thud
May 11Continue
May 15Fanfic
May 18Summer
May 25Glass of Tasty
Jun 1Night Time
Jun 5Brother
Jun 8Met Him
Jun 12Not Listening
Jun 15Share DNA
Jun 19Italian Stallion Returns
Jun 22Uptight
Jun 26Petite Cotton Candy
Jun 29De-Escalation
Jul 10Humble
Jul 13Process
Jul 17Not Going Anywhere
Jul 24Reunited
Jul 27Peasants
Aug 3Little Things
Aug 17Wake Her Up
Aug 21Push-Ups
Aug 24The Greased Assassin
Aug 31Animu
Sep 7Perfect
Sep 11Orbit
Sep 14Tada
Sep 18Still Here
Sep 21Protocol
Sep 25More
Sep 28Yep
Oct 2Humble Brag
Oct 5Go Out Sometime
Oct 12Carriage Ride
Oct 16Makes Sense
Oct 23Concerning
Oct 26Perfect Person
Nov 6Not Breathing
Nov 9Yes Mistress
Nov 13Grown Woman
Nov 16Weakness
Nov 20Assume
Nov 23Uh Huh
Nov 27Dangit
Nov 30Efficiency
Dec 4Passing the Time
Dec 7Four Hours
Dec 11KBBQ
Dec 14Yield
Dec 18Three Fourths
Dec 21Laid Tonight