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Jan 4Since We Met
Jan 8Abort
Jan 11Goodnight
Jan 15Falling For Her
Jan 18Old Couch
Jan 29White Lies
Feb 1Hot First
Feb 5Excuses
Feb 8Return
Feb 12Stay or Go
Feb 15Eavesdropping
Feb 19All to Say
Feb 22Soul Searching
Feb 26Trap
Mar 1Red Flags
Mar 5That All?
Mar 8The Real Tragedy
Mar 12Wrote a Song
Mar 15Heed The Warning
Mar 26Bigger and Uglier
Mar 29Didn’t Deserve It
Apr 2That’s It
Apr 5Nice
Apr 9Puns
Apr 12Panic
Apr 16Thoughts
Apr 19On the Bed
Apr 23First Sentence
Apr 26Expectations
Apr 30Worst Thing
May 3Didn’t Say Stop
May 7But Why
May 10Ashley’s Turn
May 14Going Good
May 17Ship Sailed
May 21Proposals
May 24Bang
May 31Offensive
Jun 4Wife This One
Jun 7Huh
Jun 11Comes First
Jun 14Gonna Ask About That
Jun 18All Your Fault
Jun 21Well Yeah
Jun 25Baby Bird
Jun 28Chill Out
Jul 5The Poster
Jul 9Not Dead Yet
Jul 12Mob Den
Jul 23Seducing Lesbians
Jul 26Lovely
Jul 30Done
Aug 2Excellent
Aug 9Weaponized Shoujo
Aug 13Nothing More Intimate
Aug 16D Jokes
Aug 20Rooftop
Aug 23No Comic Today
Aug 30You’re Next
Sep 6Planning
Sep 27Curve Ball
Oct 4Yes
Oct 8Robots
Oct 11Talking
Oct 25Trap
Nov 1From the Heart
Nov 22How’s That
Nov 29Try
Dec 20Happy Holidays 2019