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Jan 5Sexy Adventures Part 19
Jan 8Sexy Adventures Part 20
Jan 12Sexy Adventures Part 21
Jan 15Sexy Adventures Part 22
Jan 19Sexy Adventures Part 23
Jan 26Sexy Adventures Part 24
Feb 2Sexy Adventures Part 25
Feb 5Swallowed Ice Cube
Feb 9Changing the Law
Feb 12Not a Lemon Party
Feb 16Unknown Genius
Feb 19Not As I Do
Feb 23Mistaken for Violet
Feb 26Next Best Thing
Mar 1Coffee to Go
Mar 4Focusing on What’s Important
Mar 8LARPing Violet
Mar 11On Her Way
Mar 15Don’t You Start That
Mar 18Hard-working Tyler
Mar 22A Day Not Handled Well
Mar 25Still Not a Lemon Party
Mar 29Happy Easter 2016!
Apr 1Insane Lemons
Apr 5It’s Part of Relationships
Apr 8Getting Rid of It
Apr 12Not Yelling
Apr 15Already Solved One
Apr 19Making Up
Apr 22Delaying the Inevitable
Apr 26Suddenly, Lesbians!
Apr 29Express Street Justice
May 6Let’s Play Thug Life
May 10Daily Burrito Power
May 13Facebook Stalking
May 17The End of an Era part 1
May 20The End of an Era part 2
May 31The End of an Era part 3
Jun 3The End of an Era part 4
Jun 7The End of an Era part 5
Jun 10The End of an Era part 6
Jun 14The End of an Era part 7
Jun 17The End of an Era part 8
Jun 21The End of an Era part 9
Jun 24The End of an Era part 10
Jun 28The End of an Era part 11
Jul 1The End of an Era part 12
Jul 5The End of an Era part 13
Jul 8The End of an Era part 14
Jul 12The End of an Era part 15
Jul 15The End of an Era part 16
Jul 19The End of an Era part 17
Jul 22Aftermath of Era Ending
Jul 26Forced Cannibalism
Jul 29Moving Proposal
Aug 2Letting the Bag Go
Aug 9Gif Wars
Aug 19Sufferage
Aug 23Burning Coffee
Aug 30Let’s Roll
Sep 2Doing Just Fine
Sep 9Not a Bar
Sep 20Big Mike and Rodney
Sep 27Still Not Okay
Sep 30Let’s Talk
Oct 4Ice Cream and Therapy
Oct 7Ice Cream and Therapy 2
Oct 11Some Much Needed Girl Talk
Oct 14Dem Hotties
Oct 18What She Wants
Oct 21Fuzzy Valley of Secrets
Oct 25Not Homeless
Oct 28Hidden Robots
Nov 5Happy Anniversary LAV 2016
Nov 8Should Have Lead with That
Nov 15It’s November
Nov 18You Said
Nov 22Too Salty
Nov 29Not That Guy
Dec 2Prove Her Wrong
Dec 6She’s Not Relaxing at All
Dec 9Getting Emotional Closure
Dec 13On the List
Dec 16Stop Big Mike
Dec 20We’re Nobody
Dec 23To New York!
Dec 27Merry Christmas 2016!
Dec 30Get to Do it Again