As this arc slowly comes to a close, I feel the need to say something.

Break-ups suck.

I know, that’s obvious, but it goes beyond just that.

Everything about break-ups suck.  The realization that you’re not compatible, the denial (oh the denial) of thinking you could make this work, the actual act, and then the many many months (almost years) of working out your feelings and finally getting over the break up.

It takes a ton of work just to get over a mutual break up…let alone a break up that might’ve ended poorly.  And no matter what you do, there are always unresolved issues with the other person.  It sucks, a lot, and unfortunately sometimes people don’t know when or how to let go in order to make themselves feel better.

Not gonna lie, a lot of my break-ups still haunt me, not just the one I had with Tyler’s counterpart.  A lot of “what if”s and “maybe I should have”s.  But I can’t.  If I try to resolve the issues with them, then all I’m doing is being dragged back into those relationships that fell apart rather than moving on.  All I’d do is just mull in disappointment, regret, and anger, and I wouldn’t be able to move on with my life.

All I can do is work on what makes me happy.  And if that means not being with someone who doesn’t fit with me, then that’s what that means.  And maybe one of these days I’ll forgive myself for not being able to be happy with my failed relationships.  But for now, I have a wonderful life in front of me, and I intend to grow and enjoy life.  Not for revenge, not for someone else’s happiness, but for my own happiness.  I choose to be happy, and I hope that all my former partners have decided to do the same.

That being said, thank you all for indulging me with these last few arcs.  It has been a long road, and I am slowly making my way through it.


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