Because people with dumb questions wait for no one!

Actually I’m a little busy preparing for ConBravo that’s happening later this week, as well as Otakuthon next week, so the next arc is on hold for a bit.  There will still be updates at regular times, just filler comics for the next two weeks.

Also preparing what you may ask?  I’ve got a big project for a client right now, and I’m trying to get more work done than normal so I’m not rushing to do it when I get back from Otakuthon next week.

But yeah, if anyone is gonna be at ConBravo or Otakuthon and they wanna meet me, hit me up on Twitter.  I won’t have a booth or anything, because I’m helping out the 404’s with their stuff, as well as Big Mike with D20 Live at ConBravo on Saturday.

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