For those of you who follow me on twitter, then you know that I talk to Big Mike from D20 Live and the 404’s a lot.  And it’s really no secret that I’m his fan.

At any rate, funny story.  When I was first starting to be an active fan of Big Mike’s, I was pestering him on twitter a lot.  Well, I think Matt was pestering him more first, and then I started cuz raisins.  So when he first realized that we were real people and not random trolls on the internet, he started reading Let’s Ask Violet back in it’s early stages.  There was this whole thing back then where I was feeling really kinda iffy about the comic, and I think he knew that, so when I finally went to my second 404’s show, after a bout of sickness and whatnot, he showed me that he actually did read my comic…by coming up to me while I was still nervous around him and showing me a tutorial on how to peel oranges.  I think after that I started getting less nervous being around him, and it actually really boosted my terrible self esteem.

Actually, Big Mike has helped me in a lot of things concerning my self esteem.  Because of him, I’m really not afraid anymore to go up to people I admire.  Sure I’ll have the occasional bout of nervousness, and I still have to have Matt come with me and at least stand within 10 feet of me, but it’s a lot better than before.

As to why I didn’t do a little thing like I did with Thunt for Big Mike…well, Big Mike’s been a really big impact in my life (unintentional pun oh god), so I didn’t think a little one shot cameo was good enough, which is why he’s gonna play a huge part in helping Violet peel an orange.  Heck, he’s even helping me write some of this.

(Side note: Thunt finally came back and I’m really happy and excited to see what he has in store, so there may be another Thunt appreciation comic coming after the Orange saga).

But for now, this is my way of saying thank you Big Mike.  I hope the message came across. :3


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