Right…uh…how do I follow what I wrote on Wednesday….uhhhhh….

Ok, I’m just gonna write down random tidbits maybe?

I think the best part about hanging with Big Mike is making him laugh.  Mostly because he doesn’t hold back when something really makes him laugh, and there’s just something about making a comedian laugh that makes me feel accomplished.  Then again I’m not nearly as funny as Mike or Matt so…there’s that. D:

Either way, I think I’ve made it my goal to make him at least crack a smile when I see him.  And then set up jokes for Matt to knock down that he can laugh at.  I dunno, I’m rambling. DX


All you lovely people who donated, thank you very much, and I’m gonna email everyone to find out what you guys want for your commission perks (those who donated for the signed comic, it will be mailed once the entire thing is posted online). EMAILS ARE GOING OUT TODAY LATEST.

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