First of all, if you can see this image, congrats on waiting through the Internet Slow-down Protest.

Secondly, let’s talk about Net Neutrality for a moment.

Net Neutrality is basically what makes webpages like Let’s Ask Violet load up just as quickly as Google or Facebook or Youtube.  Net Neutrality makes all data on the internet equal.  What the FCC and the US government are trying to do is abolish Net Neutrality.  Why?  So ISP’s (internet service providers) can charge more money to provide “a faster internet option”.  It’s not, however, a real fast lane.  If you can, watch this video.

This doesn’t just effect content creators.  This effects all internet users.  This effects you posting pictures of your cat on the internet, that nutshot video you posted on youtube, news, tv, games, everything.

You know those commissions you buy?  What about that stuff on Etsy or Amazon?  Those movies you watch on Netflix?  They’re all able to do their thing cuz of Net Neutrality.

So please, if you support the internet being free (regardless of the stupidity that happens on it), support Net Neutrality.


On a different note, the “Help Violet Peel an Orange” campaign has ended.  All you lovely people who donated, thank you very much, and I’m gonna email everyone to find out what you guys want for your commission perks (those who donated for the signed comic, it will be mailed once the entire thing is posted online).

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