Anonymous asked:

My Fiance has recently proposed in a most romantic and personal way. Valentines is coming up, I’m on a very tight budget, and can’t think of what to give him. Any great romantic ideas for a gamer guy?

Violet responded:

If you’re artistically inclined, making him something would be best. If you’re good at crafts, try making something out of a broken game controller.

Or you could make him a dinner and set it up in a really game-like setting.  Like make the invitation in the theme of his favourite video game, call the different parts of the meal names that would be seen in the video game, make little place mats and decorate the table with little things from the game.  Bake him a cake.

Actually you can do a lot with cakes…you could bake a cake and decorate it in the style of his favourite video games, or you could make a couple of cakes in the shapes of tetris blocks.  Just look up nerdy cakes on google and see what’s within your skill range.

If you can’t cook, bake or do art, then my next suggestion is set up a trail of hearts/ rose petals / his video games from the front door of your place all the way to your bedroom.  Set up a sign on the bedroom door and have it say “Player Two ready. Press start to join.”  Then when he opens the door, make sure he can see you on the bed, bed decorated with hearts / rose petals, you holding a two player game you both enjoy, then do whatever seems natural at that moment.

Hopefully those are enough ideas to help you. :3 Congrats on your engagement.


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