Due to recent events in my life, as well as the giant snow storm that has plagued Southern Ontario, I have decided that instead of working today, I’m going to blog about Canada.

For those of you who don’t know, I live in Canada.  And no, Canada is not a country where we ride Polar Bears to work and live in igloos all day.  No, Canada is a place where we have both English and French labels on our food, our army bails out Toronto when it snows too much, and where we’re so goddamn nice all the time.

It’s kinda odd watching the the rest of the world from Canada.  It’s kinda like being that one kid who watches everyone else on the playground, who tries to fit in, but most of the time just kinda backs up against their mother by the end of the day. The mother being England in this instance.

I’m not sure how many other people view Canadians.  I know some people in the USA think that we all live in igloos, go bush-wacking, all wear plaid flannel, say “Eh” and “aboot”, and a bunch of other stuff like that.  Hetalia portrays Canada as the one people forget all the time.  Hell, even Humon, a webcomic artist, portrays Canada as the USA’s hat.

To be honest, I think Canada accurately depicts who I am right now: not sure where I belong, has potential to do many things, but instead thinks too much about what has happened instead of thinking of how to make it better.

But really, I enjoy being Canadian.  Hell, proud of it even.  Because really, where else could I be that would allow me to be the best I can be at being myself?