Anonymous asked:

Violet, Valentines Day is coming up and I’m not sure what to get my girlfriend.I don’t want to get something mundane, I need it to be really special. Something to show that despite the obvious aesthetic flaws, things are truly wonderful. I was thinking of instead of getting one card, I was going to give a shower of cards to Ol’ William Dafoe face. But I don’t think that’s good enough. What do you think I should give her?

Violet replied:

To be honest, I like handmade gifts the best, so a lot of things I’m going to recommend are going to be stuff you make on your own.

You could learn how to make paper flowers, then put them all over the room in nice little bouquets.

You could also try and bake some cookies with lots of icing. Or those Pillsbury ones that are soft and gooey.

If you’re not that artistically inclined, then buying her a gift is fine, but put the gift in a bag and fill the bag with rose petals instead of tissue paper.

If you’re living with your girlfriend then you could make little cutout hearts leading from the front door to the bedroom, and have the bed covered in either more hearts, or rose petals.

If you really want something special, you could make her a promise ring.  My recommendation for that would actually be from guitar string, if you’re a guitarist. Preferably the G string or thicker.  That way it doesn’t rust on her finger.  Be careful when doing that though, and make sure that when you cut the extra string that it doesn’t poke through.  It’s exactly like trying to make a bracelet, but smaller.

If you’re not a guitarist and you still want to make a promise ring, there are beaded ones you could make.  And lots of tutorials on google.

Making necklaces is always nice. (those don’t have to be made out of guitar string).

Or you could try making chocolate.  I had that happen once.  Although it was just chocolate chips melted into a bigger piece of chocolate, but it was still nice. There are recipes for making your own chocolate online.

If you don’t mind looking silly while doing it, making a knit doll is also cute.  Although that’s a little difficult for someone who’s never knit before.

At any rate, regardless of what you get her, it’s all about presentation.  If you put effort into what you’re getting her, she’ll notice.  Just make sure that you put your love into it. :3

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