Anonymous asked:

So, I broke up with this guy two weeks ago because he was just getting a little too clingy and was going too fast for me in our relationship. I do like another guy, but he’s friends with the guy I dated. Would it be bad if I asked this other guy out? Do you think it would seem like I’m trying to make the guy I dated jealous or something of the sort? Help.

Violet responded:

Yes, it would be a bad idea to ask this guy out.  First of all, it’s only been two weeks since you broke up with your ex.  You need to give yourself some more time, like a month or two, before dating someone else again.

Second, he’s your ex’s friend. That’s just a bad idea in general.  Think about it.  Would you approve if one of your exs dated your friend?  I doubt it.  And even if you think you’re okay with it, you’re most likely not. Also, since your ex is most likely clingy, if his friend says yes to your invitation to date, then he’s going to think you’re a bitch and his friend betrayed him.  That’s not fair to him.

Give yourself more time before moving on.  By then, you’re probably going to find someone else.


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