Anonymous asked:

So my girlfriend and I are currently in a long distance relationship, and recently her best friend(guy) told her he was in love with her, when she told him she was in love with me he stopped talking to her. She thought it was stupid of him so she and her friend went to his house to talk to him. Apparently he kissed her, now i’m a little pissed off because girls don’t just get kissed, its a joint effort. She told me what happened immediately out of “love”. Am I wrong for being angry about this?

Violet responded:

You’re not wrong for being angry about this.  Someone other than you kissed your girlfriend.  You have every right to be angry about this.  However it’s wrong to let that anger linger.  Long distance relationships are probably the hardest relationships to maintain since the whole relationship relies on trust.  I believe your girlfriend does want to keep trying though.  Most girlfriends wouldn’t even admit that this type of situation even happened let alone tell their partner.

Take some time to cool yourself down before talking to your girlfriend again.  Try to get her side of the story fully.  It’s most likely harder for her right now because she knows you’re angry, and the person she’s most likely to run to when she has no idea what to do is her best friend  (Although to be honest, if he was her best friend then he wouldn’t have done that in the first place).

If you still love your girlfriend, and if you still trust her, then keep fighting for her.  She’ll know that you are.


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