I actually did come up with an equation for how long it takes to get over someone after a break up!

Here it is!:

[(X x Y) + (E + F)] / 2 = M

X is the rating of how bad the break-up was (1 being not bad, 9 being the worst)

Y is who broke up with who (1 is you, 2 is your partner)

E is the rating of the emotional damage you’ve suffered after the break-up (basically how close you were to your partner) (1 being not that close, 9 being really close)

F is the rating of emotional baggage you have before the break-up (basically how good the relationship was while you were in it). (1 being little to no baggage, 9 being lots of baggage).

M is the number of months of recovery required before moving onto another relationship.

You divide that by two because that’s the number of people involved.

So basically, if you know yourself well enough to be able to rate these things, then you can find out yourself how many months you need to get over someone!

I made break-ups nerdy…sweet :3