Anonymous asked:

I’ll try to explain this shortly.  I was talking to/ dating a guy back in December, and he was going to as me to be his girlfriend but his parents wouldn’t let him have a girlfriend because they “distract him from what’s important”.  Well, he made it really apparent that he still wanted to be friends, so I kept texting him but it got to where I was always starting the conversations and he was always ending them.  So now we pretty much only talk at school, but it’s not really awkward anymore and we’re just friends again, but I still like him and want another try with him.  I talked to our mutual friend who said he told her everything.  She said that he wasn’t talking to me because he didn’t want to lead me on when he couldn’t do anything about it.  But then a few days later she said she was pretty sure his parents didn’t care if he had a girlfriend anymore.  So I’m pretty sure any feelings he had for me are gone now, but I’d really like something to work with him…

Violet responded:

I don’t really understand the question here.  I’ll try my best to figure this out.

It sucks when parents get in the way of relationships.  Mostly because it’s really none of their business unless the relationship is bad for their kid’s physical or mental well-being i.e. the partner is being abusive.

Also, from my personal experience, I tend to not talk to friends who say that they’ve been explained the whole situation, since half of them are lying through their teeth or are desperate to help “fix” the situation. It’s really none of their business anyways.

It might suck right now, and I’m glad that you’re over him.  If his parents are really over that whole “you can’t have a girlfriend” phase, then that’s good for him.  The only thing you can do right now if just be the best you can be at being yourself.  Be his friend, but don’t go out of your way to try and help him.  He’ll be ok on his own.


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