Anonymous asked:

Hi Violet, Basically I’m having some real bad relationship problems and I dunno what to do :/ I’m in the popular group at school and so is this boy, but he’s a complete man whore and loves to have sex with all the slags. Unfortunately he’s never looked at me in that way as I’m a uk size18 so I don’t think I fit his category. He’s also a bit of a bad boy and I’m really attracted to that. He’s also drop dead gorgeous! He can be real horrible though but I know at heart he’s a softly. but I had this party and he made the effort to come, but he just kissed loads of girls and when I got drunk i let my emotions out and told him all about my depression, self harm etc and he completely accepted me for it. Also on New Year’s Eve we shared a New Years kiss but omg I dunno what it is about him but I get such bad butterflies I actually puke. I’ve had this huge crush on him for about 3 months now and it’s killing me 🙁 please help What do I do?!

Violet responded:

Well you have to ask yourself, do you really want a bad boy for a boyfriend?

You know that this guy sleeps around a lot, and you know that he’s probably not going to treat any girlfriend he has very well.  So do you really want that for a boyfriend?  He may be a softy at heart, but is that enough to go on for a relationship?

My advice would really to look for another guy.  This one may be good for eye candy, but it’s best to find someone who would treat you right rather than one that will make you look good.

Again, just because he made the effort to come, doesn’t mean that he’s the better person for you.  It’s good that he accepts you for you, but do you really want someone with such a reputation for a boyfriend?

If you really want a relationship with him, then go for it because who am I to deny what your heart wants.

I’m just saying that there are warning bells, and it’s sometimes better to listen to those.


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