Well, for those of you who know me through Blue in the Face Movie Talks, you’ll know that I haven’t updated that site in quite a while.  There are multiple reasons for this, but the main reason was because I had lost the passion to continue reviewing movies.  Editing would take too long, I was trying to change the style when I had clearly established how I would review movies, and I just got tired of being the angry reviewer.

Well it’s been about 2 years since then, and now I’m itching to start doing movie reviews again.  I’m just not sure if it’s a good idea.  I’d like some opinion if I should reboot Blue in the Face.  I’d reboot the whole thing, including how the reviews are made and written.  Right now I’m getting some ideas on how to update the website and trying to figure out the first review.

Hopefully I will start up again soon with Blue in the Face.  I really did enjoy talking about movies.