Anonymous asked:

So theres this guy at my school that really likes me. Hes the most popular guy at our school, he’s a flirt, and some people even think hes a man whore. I’ve known him since we were little, we’ve hung out before, but i never thought he’d all of a sudden have a HUGE crush on me. He texted me a bunch of times saying he loves me, hes turned down some of the prettiest girls in school for me, and he’s always complimenting me. I rly wanna go out w/ him, but my parents are really strict. Help?

Violet responded:

With regards to the guy you like, go out with him.  If he really is as interested as you say, then you’d be a fool not to go out with him.  You have to follow your heart.

As for your parents, try talking with them about the situation.  Strict or not, they’re your parents and they love you regardless.  Keeping an open communication with them will help them understand what you’re going through with your relationships, and it will also help them know that you’re safe.  Then they know, and you’ll know, when you have a problem and they’ll help you work together to solve it.  The old saying “Honesty is the best policy” really does come into play when talking with parents.


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