What is the Friend zone (And how to identify that you’re in it)?

I’ve been seeing a lot of videos and posts about being in the friend zone recently, and I keep wondering why this is such a big deal.  But before I can figure out why it’s such a big deal, I need to define “the friend zone”.

The Friend zone is a term used when a person likes another person, but when they reveal their feelings towards that person, they reject them stating that “they just want to be friends”.   So basically, the friend zone is nothing more than being someone’s friend and wanting to see them as more than a friend.   Perfectly understandable, as being close to someone will often trigger feelings for that person.  However, there are some signs that will tell you when you’re in the friend zone.

Tip #1: “You’re my best friend ever.”

When you hear this sentence, you’re most likely in the friend zone.  It means they consider you an invaluable friend.

Tip #2: “Oh I know this great girl/guy for you!  You should totally hook up!”

If they’re suggesting that you meet other people, then you’re in the friend zone.  They obviously want to see you happy, so they’re suggesting that you should look for happiness elsewhere.

Tip #3” “Gosh I really like *insert crush’s name here* “

This more often than not shows that they’re not into you at all.  Or they’re trying to make you jealous.  Ok, this might be a bad example.   But a lot of the time, if they say this, this means that they trust you as a friend to support them, and they don’t like you the same way.

Tip #4: They dress down when meeting up with you

There are really only two reasons why people dress down (besides trying to keep warm).  First reason is that you’re in a steady relationship already with them and they’re comfortable with you seeing them in their worst clothes.  The other reason is that they consider you such close friends, that they don’t care how they dress in front of you. 

There are two things that you could do at this point: Try to leave the friend zone, or accept your position as a friend.