Anonymous asked:

Dear Violet, my brother is going through a really tough time. He has an ask tumblr and for a while he’s been getting questions consistantly, until he found out that all of his questions were coming from one person. It seems kinda obvious in hindsight, but I can’t make fun of him. Is there anything I can say to him to make him feel better despite him finding out that all the response to his hard work are completely false?

Violet responded:

Tell him not to give up.  Sure it may be all one person asking questions, but at least someone’s asking.  It takes time to build up a fanbase, and even longer for those people in the fanbase to even start getting involved in your stuff.

Plus, the more posts you put up, the more likely someone else will see them, and then real people will start to ask questions.

Someone will notice the effort. Just keep trying.