Ugh that was terrible….not being able to work really sucks

At any rate, for those of you who don’t know, my computer crashed about two weeks ago, so I needed to send it in for repairs.

Problem was I couldn’t just send it in and have the drive reformatted, I needed the data from the hard drive, cuz my back ups were about 3 months behind. (Honestly, it would’ve only been a month if the last back up worked properly but that’s neither here nor there right now).

Anyway, I got my computer back, with the data intact.Β  Although I had to prepare for ConBravo since I’m going to that, as well as help Big Mike with some stuff for D20 Live, which left me with one day left to work on the comic, which ended up being rushed ^^;Β  Sorry about that guys.

After the convention though, I’m going to get right back into my work schedule with full force!


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