Anonymous asked:

i really like this guy who is in my group of friends. we used to hook up in highschool &then recently this past summer we started hooking up again. i dont know how he feels about me or if i should tell him how i feel b/c we do have the exact same group of friends and i dont want to ruin the dynamics of our friendship. plus i dont think were both mature enough to be in a serious relationship since we are college kids. &im also unsure if he is just using me for sex. should i tell him how i feel?

Violet responded:

Sometimes it’s better not to get into a relationship with a friend.  If you don’t feel like it would be worth getting into a relationship in, then don’t.  You can tell him your feelings, but if you do that you also will have to tell him that you don’t want to ruin the dynamic, or your friendship, if he doesn’t want to get involved in a relationship.

Hopefully he’s not just using you for sex.  And if he is, then it might be best to stop.


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