Anonymous asked:

My best friend, well used to be best friend has a girlfriend. They’ve been dating for a month, and i think i’m starting to realize that i’ve liked him the whole time. I never noticed in the beginning, but now it’s just wow. I like him. He used to like me before his girlfriend, but he never told me so i never knew. Before he had a girlfriend we were best friends and now we don’t even talk anymore..what do i do? He basically forgot about me..i just want my best friend back 🙁 please help..

Violet responded:

Keeping friendships is hard.  My first piece of advice is not to seek a girlfriend/ boyfriend relationship with him until after he breaks up with his girlfriend.  My second piece of advice is if you want to remain best friends with him, then let him know.  I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten about you.  People just need reminding.  If he really did have a crush on you before, he might be distancing himself for the sake of the relationship he has now with his girlfriend.  If he hears that you’re in love with him now, then he might be tempted to leave his girlfriend for you, and that’s not fair to his girlfriend.

If you want to be his friend, just let him know that you want to get back in touch.  Slowly integrate him back into your life.  Just make sure that you’re being his friend and not trying to push his girlfriend out of the picture.


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