Anonymous asks:

Dear Violet, I’m trying to do a short film where I’m the hero and I fight anime villains (who is me in a costume) but our fight choreography is never believable. all the time I end up just pushing the bad guy into the window shades or the villain twitches his arm slightly to block attacks. What can we do to learn better fight moves and acting ability?

Violet replies:

I’m not the greatest when it comes to stunts.  My opinion would be to take some stage fighting classes, or at least watch some stunt tutorials.  Of course, you’re fighting yourself, so timing your fight would be critical.

Camera positioning and editing is your friend as well.  A properly edited film will help give the illusion that you’re fighting someone else.

Please don’t do something that would hurt yourself though, since you’re not a professional stunt person. Make sure that any place where you might fall is cushioned and you are well protected so you don’t hurt yourself.

As for acting ability, I would suggest watching yourself act in the mirror before filming yourself for the final product.  Watching yourself actually helps because then you can feel how your actions go and your facial reactions are as you’re acting them.  Practice a lot, so you get used to how you want your performance to look.

The best way to gain more acting talent though would be to go to an acting class.  Be sure that you’re comfortable in your own skin, because too much movement or too little movement could change your performance drastically.

Remember, you want it to look believable, so take multiple shots of the same scene.  Go over the footage to make sure that your actions match what the choreography says should happen, then move onto the next scene.

Again, please don’t do a stunt that is beyond your experience.  You might hurt yourself.


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